I am a French sound designer and music composer.

I started focusing on video game sound design in October 2017 and became very active in my local ecosystem as a student (Montpellier, France). 

While working on several students' projects for various french schools (ArtFX, Rubika Supinfogame and C.I.M.E Art), I am also studying Video Game Audio at ACFA Multimédia School in Montpellier.

After winning with my team the Ubisoft Game Challenge in 2017 and getting an excellence award from The Rookies for Wei's Roar, I am now looking for an internship in a leading AAA Video Game Studio or an ambitious indie developer anywhere in the world.

I aim to deliver quality music and sound design to your project, but also critical feedback about anything you're creating. I am specialized in video game sound design but i'm open to any literary, musical and video productions. 

The audio of the following video was captured in-engine, including my voice, and all the sounds were made and integrated by myself using Pro-Tools, Wwise and Unreal Engine 4. The scene and character are free assets from the Unreal Asset Store.

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ak.soundengine.postEvent is my favourite thing in the world.
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